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Interacting with Foodelicious.

Foodelicious is part of the exhibition Energy and Innovation for a Sustainable Society, at Navet Science Center, Borås, Sweden. It invites visitors to play around with cards representing different food products. The food can be grouped on plates which visualize the nutritional values.

This is not a diet application. More, it's a tool that communicates the diversity of food we need to eat to comply with the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Also, it shows the carbon footprint for every product.

Foodeliciousis a great conversation starter, and tries to simplify making deliberate choices of what to eat.

The hardware setup includes four cameras, IR-LEDs, two projectors and a Mac Mini.

Adam Danielsson – Foodelicious

The Foodelicious table.

Adam Danielsson – Foodelicious

Foodelicious visualizing nutritional values and carbon footprint.

Adam Danielsson – Foodelicious

The Foodelicious table.



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