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Generated projection.

Generated projection.

Give Live was exhibited at Malmö Museer in Malmö, Sweden, June-September 2006. The installation acted as a metaphor for sharing your own energy to someone else who really/urgently needs your help. One can think of a diseased person or someone wounded in an accident, where you give first aid, or acts preventative by giving blood to a blood central. The installation measured the visitor's pulse, which gave life to a projected heart which started to beat at the same rate as the visitor's heart.

In 2007 the installation was developed into a second iteration and exhibited in Borås, Sweden. Visitors where invited to render and save still images directly from the projection. One pdf was rendered to use for print, and one jpeg version was added to the slideshow of all images saved so far during that day. The slideshow presented those images with a date and time stamp, and images could be browsed and ordered as prints on high quality art paper.

Adam Danielsson – Custom built heart rate sensor

Custom built heart rate sensor.

Visitor feeding her heart rate into the installation

Visitor feeding her heart rate into the installation.

Generated graphics printed on fine art paper

Generated graphics printed on fine art paper.

Prints ready to be delivered

Prints ready to be delivered.



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